Portable Toilets in Hunter Valley

We service the Newcastle, Central Coast and Hunter Valley regions

Portable Sanitation

At Absoloo Hire, we offer portable toilets, showers and bathrooms for domestic and commercial use. Whether you need it for a wedding, outdoor event or construction site, we provide clean and sanitised units for a variety of applications. Our main service area is in the Hunter Valley but we also offer drop-off and pick-up service to surrounding areas including the Central Coast.

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Our deluxe range are luxury units that come in two types: Dual Deluxe and Quad Deluxe. These units are spacious, quality restroom facilities, ideal for large gatherings like weddings and corporate events.

These are free-standing units that come with key features such as flushing, a hand basin and a mirror. If you need to move around, we have a purpose-built function trailer toilet for your convenience.

If you are undergoing a bathroom renovation, we have portable electric and gas hot shower units. Our reliable staff can wheel it on a trolley to your preferred private location.

For people with special needs, we offer free-standing disability toilets with ergonomic features for added safety.

Hire your very own bathroom complete with toilet, shower, vanity and mirror. Our unit is a purpose-designed fiberglass bathroom that’s towable to any location.

Hygienic and well-maintained toilets are essential to any worksite. We offer plastic and metal builder toilets with key features such as flushing and hand basins for convenient sanitation.

Our portaloos are
ergonomic and simple to use.

Our friendly and reliable staff makes sure each unit is thoroughly cleaned and sanitised regularly. Depending on your needs, we can set it up at your home or event and also bring replacements at specific intervals.

We’re happy to provide a no-obligation free quote on request. Check out our range of affordable and competitively-priced sanitation facilities, from deluxe to function units. We deliver on time, every time.

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